Indoor Classrooms

Indoor Classrooms Hunnypot Nursery

We have several aged related rooms enabling us to offer a stimulating nursery environment for children from the age of 6 weeks to 5 years. We then offer wrap around care to children aged up to 12 years. Free funded places are available throughout the year from the age of 2+. The children have access to a wide range of materials and equipment throughout the nursery.

There is an easy accessible, secure car park making it convenient and safe for children to be dropped off and collected from Nursery.

Our Indoor Classrooms are divided into the following areas:

Roo's Room

Roos Room Hunnypot Nursery

Roo's Room caters for babies aged 6 weeks to 18 months (depending on their developmental needs). We believe that a continuous routine that reflects the home life is beneficial; therefore we encourage...

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Kanga's Room

Kangas Room Hunnypot Nursery

Kanga's Rooms are for children aged 1½ to 2 ½ years. These rooms are set out to enable the children to explore their growing curiosity of the world. The rooms tend to be busy and lively because...

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Tigger's Room

Tigers Room Hunnypot Nursery

Tigger’s Rooms are for children aged 2 ½ to 5 years old. We encourage investigation of every day objects whilst feeding their growing curiosity in the wider world. We facilitate this through careful...

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Owl's Room

Owls Room Hunnypot Nursery

Owl's rooms are for the older preschool children and the provision of wrap around care. The rooms offer stimulating activities and resources to keep the children entertained and focused whilst challenging them ...

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The recommended ratio is 1 carer to 8 children, but we feel 1 carer to 6 children is better and prefer to have this ratio, so giving each child more attention than they are likely to receive with nurseries that follow the recommended ratios.

This room is for children aged 2 years (depending on their developmental needs) until they start school.

At the Hunnypot, we believe that by creating stimulating educational conditions, we can provide children with sound foundations for learning for now and the future.

Our aim is to help each child to achieve their maximum potential.

We therefore allow each child to experience the excitement. of learning through free choice in a carefully structured environment. The room is set up to constantly encourage their development and develop their skills in order to cultivate their natural curiosity for learning.

Children are carefully observed and we plan for each individual child, taking into account their age, capabilities, interests and development stage.

Staff are chosen for this room because of their qualifications, experience and knowledge of child development.

We believe children need challenges, with targets they can achieve. By achieving, their confidence will grow, their capabilities will flourish and they will then be on their way to being a strong unique person with a positive attitude which will enable them to learn and develop their whole life.

As part of our nursery curriculum, children from three – five years follow the Early Years Foundation Stage.