Healthy Eating

As the saying goes - you are what you eat. Healthy eating is vital for a child’s growth and development. We prepare simple, healthy and nutritious food to help promote your child’s development.

We have successfully achieved the Gold Healthy Choice Award for the last seven years.

Meal Times

It is important for mealtimes to be calm, enjoyable and sociable occasions. We will use this time to help develop the children’s social and conversational skills as well as table manners.

We offer breakfast, lunch and tea along with healthy snacks and water during the day.


  • Where are the meals prepared?

    We have 2 qualified cooks who freshly prepare all the meals in house. Meals at the Hunnypot Nursery are prepared fresh on site each day, and are based on a well-balanced, nutritious diet.

  • Can I see the menu?

    Yes. The menu is displayed in the entrance hall at the bottom of the steps. A sample menu is also available here to view.

  • My child is not yet on solids, so the meal plan does not benefit my child.

    We supply non-prescribed milk. And we will follow a weaning programme as soon as your child is ready for to be introduced to solids.

  • My child has jars of food. Will you supply that?

    We do not use ready prepared meals. All our food is freshly made, daily on the premises.

  • Can I come in and try a mealtime?

    Yes. We have an open door policy at the Hunnypot Nursery.

  • Do the staff members eat with the children?

    Wherever possible, the staff will eat with the children. This helps model positive relationships and behaviours for the children.

  • Are there snacks available?

    Yes. There are snack available throughout the day.

  • My child has an allergy to some foods. Do you cater for this?

    Yes. We cater for all dietary requirements, including allergy or religious reasons.

  • How will I know what my child has eaten today?

    The daily menu is displayed to ensure parents are informed each day. We also display photos of the daily menu for the children to see what they are having. The very young children have it written in their daily diary. You can also talk to your child’s key worker