The Hunnypot Day Nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and offers free flow play with a wide range of free choice and group activities. We encourage enthusiasm, good manners, independence and consideration for others. Each child has a key person to support them through their time at the nursery. This person is here to help them develop new skills and interests, and to discover that learning is an exciting and fun experience.

Our Staff

All our members of staff are highly valued and we pride ourselves in having a consistent staff team. We have invested in our staff and for us, our commitment to our team reflects our commitment to our children and our pride in our nursery. All members of the team are fully qualified, experienced and supported by nursery nurse assistants. They are all enthusiastic and caring – combining a love of young children with professional expertise. This, coupled with an understanding of the children's needs and their development processes as well as current legal requirements means we are able to offer unequaled child care in our locality.